About RampRate and Syzygy Impact 

(Impact Initiatives & Tech) RampRate is a data- and software-enabled global advisory, Impact Advisory, investment fund, and philanthropy foundation at the intersection of the latest advances in technology, sourcing, and social impact. It helps some of the world’s most important brands like Microsoft, eBay and Sony make a positive impact on the world; while also facilitating explosive growth for future market leaders through 4 areas of expertise: 

  • Its impact-focused services unit, dba Syzygy Impact.

  • RampRate’s sourcing advisory practice.

  • The strategic research practice connected to our investment fund

  • Its advisory and early-stage consulting practice, also connected to our fund

At RampRate, measured impact is the driver of all we do both internally and externally. We are continuously developing measurement techniques for ourselves and our clients in order to hold everyone accountable for our words. We strive to create a culture of honesty, transparency, and accountability within our team and leadership so we can be an image of that which we hope to see in the world; a world full of innovators whose goal is to leave the world better than they found it.